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5 Millennial Cafes in Jakarta, need be visited

Cafe is the place most often visited by people besides malls or shopping centers. The cafe offers a variety of facilities that the restaurant does not have such as comfortable chairs, contemporary music, and snacks that can be eaten while chatting. What things do you usually think about when choosing a cafe for hangout? In addition to the delights of food and drinks, a comfortable cafe atmosphere is also important for the criteria of a fun hangout.
For those of you who are or living in Jakarta, there are many cafes to choose from. Not only provides delicious and cozy atmosphere, some cafes even have a concept that is quite unique and different from most cafes. So, if you want to hang out in a place that is not too mainstream, you must visit the 5 millinieal cafes in Jakarta below!

1, This is April Cafe, Indah Kapuk North Jakarta

This cafe is designed to be very fashionable for young people, the name of this cafe is the same as the owner of the women's clothing brand This Is April (TIA), located in the same building as This Is April. The idea of having a place to bring all their beautiful customers to be more involved with them inspired This Is April to open a fashionable coffee shop, named KafeTIA in the cafe-hit area, Pantai Indah Kapuk Nort Jakarta

Caption : A photo This Is April Cafe (local guide XoX Travel)

2Toodz House Cafe,  Cipete South Jakarta

The house that made this cafe becomes a unique and comfortable hangout with various coffee dishes.
By carrying out the concept of home, Toodz House is decorated by natural colors that give a warm impression such as brown, orange and green. The impression was also reinforced by the selection of furniture in the form of bookcases, classic-style wooden chairs and plain leather sofas in several corners of the room and veranda. Visitors who come will not only feel at home and relax but will also feel very familiar because the atmosphere feels like at home. In the cozy Toodz House room, you can sit back and enjoy a cup of coffee while listening to music, browsing the internet or while tasting the available menus.

Caption : A photo Toods House Cafe (local guide Fajar Adiartha) 

3. Kohicha Cafe, Kelapa Gading North Jakarta

Café that has an office office Ruko Gading Kirana, Jl. Boulevard Artha Gading Kelapa Gading North Jakarta, where Instagram is located, the service is very friendly, the food is really Japanese, the coffee is soft. location in a shop opposite Indomaret, great for hanging out with friends.
Even though the place doesn't look like from the road, but when you go inside, it's really cool. The price is also commensurate with the presentation and taste. A true waiter is very friendly, here also sells organic products that are suitable if you are on a diet (local guide cindy alisha)

Caption : A photo Kohicha Cafe (local guide Reina Feona)
 4. MOREAU Chocolatier's Cafe, Kemang, South Jakarta

Moreau Chocolatier’s Cafe is open in Kemang, South Jakarta on February 25, 2017. With the menu provided they are ready to spoil the tongue of chocolate lovers.

There are various kinds of menus with Belgian chocolate provided by Moreau Chocolatier’s Cafe. And when ordering a menu, every menu you choose, chocolate will be asked what you want to satisfy chocolate lovers. There are 3 choices of Belgian chocolate available in Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate.

Caption : A photo Moreau Cafe (local guide Anthony Jaya)
 5. The People's Cafe

The People’s Café or Waroeng Orang-Orang is a modern-day cafe that serves a variety of Global Street Food. A concept from Ismaya Group where customers can relax, have a good time and enjoy good food. From oriental dishes to delicious pasta and nachos, The People’s Cafe is always one step ahead from competitors, serving only the best street food with valuable price.
The People’s Café serves Indonesian street food menu, like Mie Goreng Tek-Tek, Ayam Geprek or Bubur Ayam Kota as well as many other international dishes. If you fancy a Singaporean dish, we’ve got you covered with the Salted Egg Chicken. Living up to its maxim of serving the global street food, The People’s Café provides you a classic pizza from Italy to the national dish of Britain, Classic Fish & Chips. To accompany the good food, The People’s Café also has refreshing dessert, like Es Cendol, Shanghai Red Ruby or Es Melon.
The People’s Cafe is designed to suit everyone’s palate and pocket. It is where customers can have informal meetings, hang-outs or casual quality time with family. So far, the cozy ambience, the delicious food and the refreshing drinks have successfully kept their customers coming back for more.
Caption : A photo People's Cafe (local guide  Carlos M ツ)


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