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5 Warteg special menus, need to be tasted

Caption : 5 Warteg Menus in GIF
Warteg as a small restaurant that is mushrooming in Jakarta and its surroundings, has been known as folk food, warteg provides special food that is very appetizing, especially for all food lovers. The menu available at small food stalls is not inferior to the taste in quality food and sold at high prices. Varied food on the warteg uses spices that have been seasoned well, making them addicted and wanting to add more.
This food will not be boring for culinary lovers, because it is a favorite and a recommendation in food selection. Some foods may not suit everyone's mouth, but sometimes food in small food stalls can be accepted by everyone because the right ingredients are combined with rice as the main carbohydrate. Some of these foods are served on the warteg and are a favorite for many people, and maybe you are one of them. Come on, here are 5 special warteg menus that need to be tasted at warteg-warteg in Jakarta

1. Orek Tempe/Fermented soybean in blocks ( lightly cook)

This one food is an important food and definitely always in every warteg that you visit, anyway.  Yup, what's more if it's not the orek tempe.  Usually, this one food is available there is a wet one and some are dry.  This one menu must be available and become a subscription for food tasters at the warteg.  Usually, in a day this food menu can run out even before night.

Caption : Orek Tempe Menu 

2. Telur Dadar/Omelette or fry a mixture spread of eggs in a pan

In addition to orek tempe, another popular menu is omelet.  This menu is very good if it is served together with orek tempeh which is everyone's favorite menu.  The use of chives and chili is also a great addition to this egg flavor, so it does not taste bland for the tongue.  Served with gravy will arouse appetite.  This menu is also often used as a savior at an old date, because with a serving of warm rice and a piece of omelet will also make the stomach feel full for a long time.  Have you ever experienced it?

Caption : Telur Dadar Menu
3. Tempe Goreng Tepung/Fried fermented soybean in blocks  with flour 

Tempe fried flour is made with a mixture of flour dough and tempeh which is cut into several parts.  If served with warm tea, it will be suitable especially during the rainy season so it takes light meals accompanied by warm drinks that make the body not feel cold.  In addition this food will be more varied if served together with orek tempeh.  But the ingredients are both from tempeh, so it depends on each taste.

Caption : Tempe Goreng Tepung Menu

4. Sambal Goreng Kentang Ati Ampela/Potato, Chicken Liver and Gizzard in Spicy Coconut Milk

Sambal goreng potato is made from potatoes and uses chili sauce.  Complementary ingredients for chicken and petai can also be added to add to the taste of food.  Spicy taste in food is highly recommended with omelet so it is more varied.  This food is served in quite a large portion and will make the stomach full.

Caption : Sambal Goreng Kentang

5. Tumis Kangkung/Stir-fries kale

Kangkung/kale is very good for health.  This vegetable can be served with other side dishes such as orek tempeh.  This food is cooked together with chili and some herbs and gravy that can be mixed with rice and side dishes.  This food is a favorite food after many orek tempeh purchased.  Not infrequently there are those who eat it together with rice alone.  If it is served with crackers, it will taste good and not reduce taste.

Caption : Tumis Kangkung Menu


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