Kamis, 09 Mei 2019

My Introduction As Local Guides From Jakarta Indonesia

Name: Mukroni
Location: Jakarta, Indonesia

What I love about being a Local Guide:

I love the road and incidentally as the chairman of the small business community, especially information about the position of a place of culinary/restaurant, tourist attractions, hospitals , police, government offices and places much sought after by the public. Local Guides or people who share reviews, photos and knowledge on Google Maps to help others explore the world

With the reviews, photos and videos as well as being visited by public, directly and indirect information from local guides, photos, videos and reviews can increase marketing and promoting.

There are many reasons that attract me to become a local guide,

First, by joining a local guide, I was able to share each other  between local guides in the form of photos, videos and useful information about the places around from a local guide.

Second, Local Guides can support businesses and others decide where to go to Google Maps, and I am the Chief for the community of small food outlets that knew as Warteg (Warung Tegal di Jakarta (capital city of Indonesia), I and members helped by Local Guides in businesses , special in promotion

Of course with Google Maps accessibility information local guides can explore and can make a big impact on the lives of people who need information regularly.

Maps is the best mapping service for people around the world, the accessibility information we can reach many people who need it.

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