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My Introduction As Local Guides From Jakarta Indonesia

Name: Mukroni Location: Jakarta, Indonesia

Picture 1 : My achievements as a local guide to level 10

What I love about being a Local Guide:
I love the road and incidentally as the chairman of the small business community, especially information about the position of a place of culinary/restaurant, tourist attractions, hospitals , police, government offices and places much sought after by the public. Local Guides or people who share reviews, photos and knowledge on Google Maps to help others explore the world

With the reviews, photos and videos as well as being visited by public, directly and indirect information from local guides, photos, videos and reviews can increase marketing and promoting.

Picture 2 : My review and photos Bekasi Rawalumbu market

There are many reasons that attract me to become a local guide,

First, by joining a local guide, I was able to share each other  between local guides in the form of photos, videos and useful information about the places around from a local guide.