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5 Oldest Islamic Boarding Schools in Java

When talking about Islamic boarding schools, Islamic boarding schools are the first place of education before there is a school or madrasah education as modern education, Islamic boarding schools are traditional Islamic education in Indonesia, where students can learn and must be occupied by santri in the complex which also provides mosques for worship, study room and more. religious activities. This complex is surrounded by rules and regulations for students in accordance with applicable regulations. Islamic boarding schools are two terms that show one understanding. Islamic boarding schools are based on their basic understanding of student learning places, while huts mean simple houses or residences made of bamboo. In addition, the word cottage might come from Funduq Arabic, which means a hostel or hotel. On Java, including Sunda and Madura, terms and conditions are generally used, while in Aceh it is known as the Dayah or Rangkang or menu, while in Minangkabau it is called Surau.